Sunday, April 24, 2016

The masters of the muff

Become the Master of Masturbation with These Amazing Tongue Vibrators.
So, we all hear about the huge line of male oral stimulators, but do you ever hear of women’s oral stimulators?  Not very often.  Do not fear, women have their own line or oral stimulation devices.  Like to get eaten, licked and sucked?  We all do, but sometimes we are alone and wish it could happen.  Fear not!  Perform your own oral by using any of the items below.
            The Velvet Touch Clit Licker Cums to mind…no pun intended.  Add lubrication to this super smooth device for a realistic and pleasuring experience.  This handheld mouth, complete with tongue has a remote that can control the vibration and speed.  The realistic shape is similar to a mouth and has a protruding tongue. 
            The Magic Realistic tongue vibrator is a small handheld device that looks just like a tongue.  Turn it on and enjoy an ultra real oral experience.  It will lick your kitty as fast or slow and you set it to.  Add water based lubrication for  the feeling of spit.  How long can you last?  This is amazing.
            The Sqweel 2 sex toy is a handheld wheel of silicone tongues that move in various patterns to   Use a lot of lube to make this believable, but close your eyes, set the button on your fave setting and imagine being eaten.  You will definitely cum, without a doubt.
replicate an oral experience.
            The Lelo Ora is a fun addition to your oral sex toy collection.  Lube up and take this silicone covered ring with you wherever you want to go, or cum!  The ring has a hole in the center for ease in holding and the flat end had tongue like vibrations that simulate the act of oral, control the setting to change the pulsating pattern and speed.  This sexy small device will lead you to a pleasure filled place!